Week 6— My Journey into Data Analytics — DA Minidegree Review — CXL Institute

Your Introduction to Google Tag Manager Basics

Via https://web3.com.au/what-is-google-tag-manager/
  • Tag: A tag is a code that sends data to a system such as Google Analytics.
  • Trigger: A trigger listens for certain events, such as clicks, form submissions, or page loads. When an event is detected that matches the trigger definition, any tags that reference that trigger will fire.
  • Variable: A variable is a named placeholder for a value that will change, such as a product name, a price value, or a date.
  • Data layer: The tag manager implements a data layer to temporarily hold values in the client so that they can be used by tags, triggers, and variables.
Via https://web3.com.au/what-is-google-tag-manager/

Getting to Know GTM: Tags

  • Google Analytics Universal tracking code
  • Adwords Remarketing code
  • Adwords Conversion Tracking code
  • Heatmap tracking code (Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc…)
  • Facebook pixels
Via https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/what-is-google-tag-manager-and-why-use-it/

Getting to Know GTM: Triggers

  • Pageview
  • Clicks
  • User Engagement
  • Other Triggers
Via https://www.orbitmedia.com/blog/what-is-google-tag-manager-and-why-use-it/

Getting to Know GTM: Variables

Via https://www.analyticsmania.com/post/page-related-variables-and-triggers-in-google-tag-manager/

Getting to Know GTM: Data Layer

Via https://tgupta.net/analytics/datalayer-qa-guidlines-for-troubleshooting/
  • Product data: Product name, price, category
  • Marketing campaign information: Traffic source, medium
  • Transaction data: Cart value, checkout date
  • Customer information: New or returning customer

Getting to Know GTM: Preview Mode

Getting to Know GTM: Workflow

Getting Started: Creating Your First Tag

Steps to Create a GA Page View Tag

  1. Select from the Built-in Tag -> GA -> Universal Analytics
  2. Select the tag type as Page view
  3. Create a new Variable, and fill the Tracking ID (This is your UA ID), and let the cookie domain remain auto (default)
  4. Name the Variable as — GAS — Website Name
  5. Select the Trigger -> All Pages (built-in)
  6. Name the Tag -> GA — Pageviews
  7. Test if the tag is firing with preview mode
  8. Verify-in GA, Go to Realtime-> content-> this should show the landing page we are currently on
  9. Finally, Publish the Workspace changes (we are currently in Default Workspace)
  10. Voila! your first Google Tag is created

Similarly, Let’s try to create a tag to install Facebook pixel with GTM

  1. Create a new Tag, as we do not have a built-in Tag, we shall use Custom HTML.
  2. Copy the Pixel Code from Facebook and Paste it here
  3. Set the Trigger to All Pages (built-in)
  4. Name the Tag as FB — Page view
  5. Switch on Preview mode and test if the tag is fired
  6. To verify, use the Pixel Helper and check if the Pageview is fired
Via https://www.advancedwebranking.com/blog/how-to-add-facebook-tracking-pixel-using-google-tag-manager/

Let’s do one more, Install the Google remarketing Tag

  1. Use the Built-In Tag and input the conversion ID and Name
  2. Set the Trigger to All Pages (built-in)
  3. Test and Verify the changes using Preview Mode
Via https://ppcexpo.com/blog/google-ads-remarketing-tag

How about 3rd Party Scripts like Hotjar and Paypal

Via https://marketlytics.com/analytics-faq/install-hotjar-with-google-tag-manager/

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half — John Wanamaker




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