Welcome to the 12th and the Last week of my Journey into Digital Analytics with CXL. This course has been a necessary step up in my career and helped me to become an efficient Data-Driven Marketer. As CXL states, these courses are actually difficult but believe me, they are worth the Hype.

This week I covered the Bigquery module apart from Advance Google Tag manager, Excel sheets for marketers, and Google Data studio. Let’s get an overview of what Bigquery is, do you need it for your business or client right now.

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, and…

Welcome to the 11th Week of my Digital analytics journey with CXL. This was the last second week of the course, after learning about Data Collection, Analytics, I finally learned “Data visualization” through Google Data Studio. As a marketer, it is very important to understand the bigger picture and drill down to the smallest details. Google Data studio ensures smooth, no hassle, and power-packed reporting.

Google Data Studio (GDS) is a great, free data visualization tool that lets you build interactive dashboards, and customized, insightful reporting.

Some of the Benefits of Data Studio are

  • A FREE Reporting and Visualisation Tool

Welcome to the 10th Week of my Digital analytics journey with CXL. In our previous articles, we learned about Data collection and analysis. This week we dive into “Why data visualization and Data storytelling is the key to actually make a change”

Once you have successfully collected the Data, it is crucial to present it to the main stakeholders to take action. A dashboard, graph, infographics, map, chart, video, slide, etc. all these mediums can be used for visualizing and understanding data. …

Welcome to the 9th Week, this week I covered the GA4 Module and it blew my mind. If you have been using UA (I am sure all of us are), G4A will bring in a lot of emotions, you might end up liking it or hating it, but as they say, you cannot ignore it. This article will give you an overview of What’s different in GA4, fundamentals, and things to look out for.

Google Analytics 4 is an Event-based Tracking Platform that has a different interface and offers different standard reports and parameters.

GA4 tracks users instead of the…

It’s been 8 weeks i.e 2 months into this course and Believe me, this course has been very eye-opening for me as a Marketer. I recently gave an interview test and scored 100/100 in their GA Quiz (It was a real-time GA quiz, I had to access the GA Demo account, analyze the data, and answer particular questions). This week I covered GA Audit, A/B Testing, and Finding Conversion opportunities through GA. Let’s dive into my favorite lesson — The GA Audit

Data analysis can only be successful if the Data collection is set properly. …

This week I finished the GTM: Beginners Module (Phew, Finally!), I wouldn't deny that as the lessons proceeded things got a little complicated but Mercer sheds immense clarity and his step-by-step approach towards each topic puts one at ease and keeps them engaged. I have started practising and implementing some of these tags for my clients and I am sure these are going to help me to make wiser decisions.

Let’s discuss the Lessons I covered this week.

Tracking Engagement: Clicks & Time

When a person is on a website, the most important action he takes is the clicks. …

As we grow up, we change, so do our parents. The way we look at life evolves. If you are a 90s middle-class kid, Most of our childhood has been similar. we have parents who struggled to make a living and in that survival race, most of the time ended up being emotionally unavailable.

Today I am a very different person and no longer the kid, my parents knew. I have formed my own opinions about various aspects of life, I don't like "bhindi" anymore. But every week, my mom still makes it because she thinks I love it. …

Welcome to Week 6 of our Journey Into Data Analytics, this week I started Google Tag Manager for beginners, I am halfway through it. I have always wondered how Tag Manager worked and it appeared very complex to me always. This module is a lifesaver, Mercer explains Tag Manager with ease and I am impressed with the Simple yet detailed Lessons that cover all the basics. Mercer emphasizes practice along with lessons and also provides protip and mistakes that can occur. Let's Dig into the Lessons, Shall we?

Note: I would recommend checking out the Week 1, Week 2, Week…

So I resigned recently, amidst a pandemic. One would think that I might be insane, and this was an emotional decision. This job was close to my heart, I could be myself (well almost), it had its own highs and lows, some peak moments and rock bottoms, but nonetheless a challenging and fulfilling journey.

But lately, as all good things come to end, it did too. I felt like I was losing myself every day bit by bit, when a company’s vision changes, sometimes you aren't in the peripheral and that's okay. Everyone has a show to run, with or…

Welcome to Week 5 of our Journey Into Data Analytics, this week I finished the Intermediate Module of Learning Google Analytics. This module focusses on building on our Fundamentals and providing us with tools that enhance our skills. This week, I learned various Tips and Tricks. My Favourite topics were Attribution, Multi-Channel Funnel Reports, and GA Via Google Sheets. Let’s find your interesting topics, shall we?

Note: I would recommend checking out the Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 Journey before you jump into this for better clarity and learning.

Finding Answers: Custom Reports

As we know that QIA (ask a Question…


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